Organize 2019 KF6 sprint
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Tentative timeframe: early December.

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What would be the aim of the sprint?

I'd same similar to the Randa KF5 sprint: Determine what we actually want to achieve for KF6 beyond just porting to Qt6 and dropping deprecated stuff. Some ideas have been collected over the past few days, but a lot of this is still very very high level and needs a much more detailed analysis and breakdown.

Ok, so first of all we need to need this moving fast, most important find if there's enough people that would be interested in such a sprint, then we can try to find date+place.

Will you post a call for attendees on kf-devel?

Done, and CC'ed a few more lists where possible attendees might hang out.

dfaure added a subscriber: dfaure.Sep 15 2019, 11:23 AM

I'm obviously interested. Current availability: 2-6 Dec, 9-20 Dec, all of January, February, etc.

If we're only 8 people we can do it in my office, but it's likely that we'll need a bigger place than that :-)

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aacid added a comment.Sep 15 2019, 3:19 PM

I may be interested in attending/helping with the organizing depending on the dates and my general "organizational overload" after LAS

apol added a subscriber: apol.Sep 15 2019, 3:46 PM

I'm interested in participating, could help organising but don't really have an easy venue.

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I am interested to participate, but I don't have a venue either. For the rest of this year I don't have any dates free, really, it will be more about how I can reshuffle my schedule to be able to attend :-)

mirko added a subscriber: mirko.Sep 16 2019, 10:34 AM

I am interested in participating.

Would join, too. No real date restrictions ATM.

I am interested to join as well, but not sure if I can make it as I am quite booked for the rest of the year.

knauss added a subscriber: knauss.Sep 17 2019, 10:30 PM

I may have a venue at Waltershausen, but I have to ask how many people they can host.

it is 50m away from the train station.

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Also interested

Obviously I'm also interested :)

For whoever wants to organize this, Mirko and Agustin also indicated they might have leads on possible venues.