Attend External Events 2018
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In this task we want to compile a list of external events which would be convenient for us to visit and have talks and/or a booth at.

The ultimate goal being that of showing KDE's apps, environments, and technologies in general to a larger audience with the hopes of acquiring more users, interest from companies and contributors.

Please help complete this list of events:


  • Education

EduCode 2018

  • Embedded/Mobile/Automotive

Embedded Linux Conference Europe 2018
AGL All Members Meeting (Links to last year's event. This year's event is not up yet).

  • Design/Graphics

Libre Graphics Meeting 2018

  • Academia
  • Accessibility

Once we have a healthy list of events, we must work with the different groups (KDE Edu, Plasma Mobile, Krita, etc.) to help them be successful at the events.

Ultimately, the list of events that end up being useful to us, must go onto the wiki as events we regularly attend.