KDE's 25th birthday in 2021
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lydia, May 24 2020


On October 14th 2021 KDE turns 25. We should celebrate this.

What we care about:

  • Celebrating for our community
  • Showing the world a remarkable long-term success
  • Reflect on how we changed over the years

Ideas for what we could do:

  • Make Akademy happen around the birthday and get many people together
  • Do something similar to https://20years.kde.org/book/
  • Update the timeline at https://timeline.kde.org/
  • Organize parties around the world
  • 25 for 25: encourage people to become supporting members (25 Euro/quarter) (would need work on making the supporting membership program more attractive)
  • ...

Still to do:

  • Look into some interesting stuff that other projects have done
  • BoF at Akademy for more discussion about it
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