sprint for onboarding goal
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People that would like to attend:

  • Bhushan Shah

Suggestions for place and time:

Other relevant things:

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lydia created this task.Tue, May 1, 1:51 PM
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Any chance these could be streamed or recorded for those who can’t attend? Or is a sprint too chaotic to capture effectively?

lydia added a comment.Tue, May 1, 7:15 PM

It's usually pretty hard unfortunately :/

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neofytosk added a comment.EditedWed, May 2, 10:23 AM

We can choose any topic from the sub-tasks listed on the overarching Onboarding Goal task. I will be adding some more sub-tasks there in the following days (like improving documentation, gathering feedback etc). Feel free to leave a comment there if you came up with anything that needs to be tackled and is not mentioned already.

At the moment I propose the Making settting up a development environment quick and easy task, as it seems the most discussed so far.

I've recently moved to Athens/Greece and I can try to arrange this here if it suits most. As is, I'm available from now till June 15th, the whole of July and any time after September 3rd. A reminder that we have Akademy in August. =)

Would it make sense to have this sprint as part of the BoFs and Workshops week at Akademy? Or maybe we can have a smaller session as a prep-event for the actual sprint.

We should definitely do something during Akademy but I don't think it should and can replace the sprint.