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T8484: Making settting up a development environment quick and easy


  • Identify our needs
  • Brainstorm available options regarding development environments
  • Choose the most suitable option for our needs
  • Start work on implementation

People that would like to attend:

Suggestions for place and time:

  • Athens/Greece, Autumn 2018

Other relevant things:

  • A weekend should be fine (Fri/Sat-Sun) for the purpose of this sprint.
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Any chance these could be streamed or recorded for those who can’t attend? Or is a sprint too chaotic to capture effectively?

lydia added a comment.May 1 2018, 7:15 PM

It's usually pretty hard unfortunately :/

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We can choose any topic from the sub-tasks listed on the overarching Onboarding Goal task. I will be adding some more sub-tasks there in the following days (like improving documentation, gathering feedback etc). Feel free to leave a comment there if you came up with anything that needs to be tackled and is not mentioned already.

At the moment I propose the Making settting up a development environment quick and easy task, as it seems the most discussed so far.

I've recently moved to Athens/Greece and I can try to arrange this here if it suits most. As is, I'm available from now till June 15th, the whole of July and any time after September 3rd. A reminder that we have Akademy in August. =)

Would it make sense to have this sprint as part of the BoFs and Workshops week at Akademy? Or maybe we can have a smaller session as a prep-event for the actual sprint.

We should definitely do something during Akademy but I don't think it should and can replace the sprint.

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FWIW I may be interested in attending, i didn't add myself to the list above because I would not want to be a "voter" on the place/date but i would be interested in being notified when the place/date is chosen to see if i can join :)

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I'd be interested to attend indeed. Note that I probably won't be able to do the work post-sprint (and trust me there'll be plenty), but I can help devise a path forward during the sprint.

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I have no availability for travel this automn (already fully booked until Dec 17), but I could participate in a first BoF session at Akademy.

Thanks for responding everyone!

I've reserved a room for a BoF for this objective at Akademy:

If several of you can't make it, let me know and I'll try to find another slot.

Hi, @neofytosk!

I cannot attend the Akademy this year, but I would really like to join the Autumn sprint. I work on Krita project and I could make a short talk about my experience in working with a university and trying make students involved into our project.

I also maintain the docker-based developer environment for Krita. It is based on Jenkins AppImage dependency image, so the newcomers should not spend >6 hours on compiling all the deps. Just start the container, build Krita and start coding :)

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Hi @dkazakov, it's great that you are interested and I'm sure your experience would be valuable.

It seems there are several people with various solutions in mind. We need to consider them all, discuss their strengths and weaknesses, and try to narrow it down to the best fit.

I'm in talks with the local hackerspace community to see if and when they can host us for this event. I'll update this post with more details once they get back to me.

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Do we have any news about that sprint and when/where it'll happen?

In T8623#162141, @ervin wrote:

Do we have any news about that sprint and when/where it'll happen?

Somewhere with cheap airfare from the US, please! :-)

Ι sent a reminder around a week ago to the people I've been in talks with here in Athens to see if they can provide the place after all but I haven't received any answer yet, other than the acknowledgement that they are indeed late to respond.

The plan was for them to discuss it internally and let us know the dates the place would be available to host us.

If they fail to respond soon I plan to start asking elsewhere.

In the meantime, if someone is willing to organize this at some place else, do let me know!