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People that would like to attend:

Suggestions for place and time:

Other relevant things:

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lydia created this task.May 1 2018, 1:51 PM
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FWIW I may be interested in attending, i didn't add myself to the list above because I would not want to be a "voter" on the place/date but i would be interested in being notified when the place/date is chosen to see if i can join :)

knauss added a subscriber: knauss.Aug 16 2018, 3:20 PM

I would stepup for planing such a sprint.
I've a place in mind in France near Grange Neuve, but I have to find the flyer with the correct name...
I think about doing the print next spring.

knauss added a comment.Sun, Sep 9, 1:05 PM

Together with @stolborg , we are evaluatiing currently two options:

  • Les Magnas (France, Provence, Pierrerue): http://auxsaisons.free.fr/
    • 2h by train/bus reachable from Marseilles (nearest airport)
    • how people get from the bus station to the venue ( shuttle service needed)
  • local scout huts in Denmark (likely far out and lessluxurious)
    • do we need to cook by ourselfs (I know people, who like to cook for us)
    • how people reach the venue?
    • can people sleep in small rooms?

Any other ideas for a venue?
We'll switch discussion now to this task so others can participat, too.

here's an (in danish only, sorry) overview of scouts houses in dk http://hyttefortegnelsen.dk/
but, most require you to be rather scouty, as it is 3 layered bunk beds with 5-6 beds in a room - there's usually a big kitchen (though we would have to cook for ourselves) and only 1 common room, so the work room and eating area would be the same room (unless you want to use the outdoors, which is always dicey with the weather)

if we're really interested in this, there is actually one in the middle of Copenhagen https://spejdercenterholmen.bookhus.dk/Velkommen/Faciliteter.aspx?pageID=34b0af69-ee1f-4ddc-8b09-67df05fb58ad (yes danish, the English flag doesn't work but ill be happy to translate)
in this one you can rent some combination of the sleep house and meeting house, so there's an option for a work room. But still, bunkbeds, and we would have to get a cooking team for the food

I've heard that linuxhotel in Essen might be an option (I've no idea what it is)

in short, i liked your idea knauss :)

The Linux Hotel in Essen-Host (https://www.linuxhotel.de, German only) is are really nice location. I was there once some years ago and forgotten about it :D I ask them today by phone, but they can only host at maximum 25 persons. And this only if several share a two bed room. They proposed to asl "Unperfekt Haus" in Essen Cetrum (https://www.unperfekthaus.de, German only).

the only suggestion where people aren't sharing rooms is the french one then :)

AFAIK two people in two beds in a room is the default that KDE eV sponsored solution since basically halves the price for hotels in rooms, sharing more then 2 people in a room gets annoying and usually is avoided and only one person per room is too expensive and only granted in some cases, but please confirm with the board what i'm saying is true.