Add Protected Header support
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Protected Headers is a project to move mail headers into the encytped/signed part of the mail to make it harder to spoof on the headers.

this a good thing from privacy, we should support this.

The basic idea is to have a mimelayout like this:

encrypted (after decryption):


and the text/rfc822-headers will have the encrypted ( and signed) approved headers of an mail like To,CC,BCC, Subject,References,...

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The basic support for the MessageViewer will end in a few days.

The last bit missing is to change the order of execution, when we display a mail. The order we need is:

  1. parse the mail with MimeTreeParser and get a messagepartTree back, this will update the header taking into account encrypted headers and update the headers.
  2. render the header
  3. render the mail

currently we do parsing the mail and rendering the body in one step, so the displayed header are not updated.

Okay with D23807 in repository, we now can display MemoryHole headers correctly.

Next step sending MemoryHole headers.