Improve the Plasma Mobile platform for end-user needs
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Plasma Mobile was introduced 2 years ago in Akademy 2015 with simple vision of,

  1. Providing control over your data and communication
  2. Being Pragmatic and inclusive
  3. Seamless cross-device experience
  4. Openness

This in my opinion really aligns with the current KDE community vision and mission. So, I want to propose a goal where we improve and polish the Plasma Mobile platform for the end-user needs. However I don't want to keep this goal limited to just Plasma Mobile platform but also should be inclusive towards the other mobile platforms if user can't install the Plasma Mobile on their device, in that case user should be able to install and use the KDE products and services on their mobile devices.

What it will take

It will take the coordinated effort from community to improve and optimize the Plasma Mobile platform and also make it possible to run our applications on Mobile platform where it makes sense.

We will need help from the,

  • Application developers
  • Plasma developers (for mobile shell)
  • UI/UX designers
  • Usability experts
  • Platform and Foundations developers
  • Hardware experts

How we know we succeeded

In my opinion this will be called a success when,

  • User will be able to easily install Plasma Mobile on their devices
  • User will be able to use Plasma Mobile as their daily driver
  • Most of the KDE Applications are compatible with mobile devices (where it makes sense, ofcourse you wouldn't want kdevelop on your phone)

This is really long-term goal, but we should do whatever needs to be done in my opinion.

Relevant links (in no chronological order)

I am willing to put work into this

  • Bhushan Shah
  • Eike Hein
  • Sebastian Kügler
  • Adrián Chaves
  • Martin Flöser

I am interested

  • add your name

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