Grow the number of developers and the community support for Plasma Mobile
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The problem: There are currently very few contributors to Plasma Mobile. Few users know about the platform.

How the Promo team proposes to help:

  • We intend to make the work of the Plasma Mobile team better known and show how attractive the platform is. With this we hope to grow the potential user base (we want users to want Plasma Mobile on their phones) and the number of contributors to the code.
  • We will promote Plasma Mobile and the work of the developers internally, within the KDE community, and externally to attract new developers and potential users from outside the KDE community.
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@IlyaBizyaev had the idea of running some polls to get the general feel about Plasma Mobile. The detailed results are available in T7771, but the summary is that many people want to try the software and see what it's like (task T7779) and quite a few respondents want to help us out.

As you know, we are participating in GSoC, and ideas are being collected right now for the organization proposal.
How profitable would it be to have a student work on Plasma Mobile? Is that a way to introduce a new contributor and get more work done or extra workload for Bhushan?

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This is something for somebody that has experience with GSoC to answer, a mentor from past years. From my own ignorance, it doesn't sound mad at all. Maybe it would need a very concrete goal, though, now just "work on Plasma Mobile", but more like "implement XYZ in Plasma Mobile", "Solve the PQR issuse in Plasma Mobile" or something like that. This is probably something @bshah should weigh in on.

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Regarding the part about increasing the number of contributions, we must dovetail this project with T7116. It is beyond the scope of promo to intervene in the processes by which potential contributors become actual contributors, but we cannot invite contributors to help and find there is not a protocol in place to help them become active coding members of the community.

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  • I think it would be very important to have a CI ( ?) for building the halium images (boot and system),
  • then we could write a simple tool that will download them and flash them to your device,
  • and then we could write a simple tutorial for it and publish it in the wiki.

If more people can test plasma mobile, they might also start contributing. And if they see that plasma mobile is not only a vision (and not only running on the Nexus 5/5X), they might start working on a halium port for their device.

"Plasma Mobile is not only a vision" is a very, very strong point, and I feel that's what our internal slogan should be...

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"Plama Mobile: More than a vision"?

Should never become a public slogan, though 😬

I published Plasma Mobile projects for GSoC:
Hope they get selected and students give us a nice blog post coverage :)

I am interested in porting plasma mobile to Oneplus 5t, can you point me to someone who can provide some assistance (mentoring)?
I will document all the steps required, contribute to the docs, blog about it and then maybe take some dev tickets or port to another device or assist others in porting.
I think this is very important to get better promotion and have more developers join.

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Hello @asghaier,

@bshah is probably your man. Also, join the Plasma Mobile Telegram group.

lnj added a comment.Mar 7 2018, 6:35 PM

@asghaier Actually the best point for starting a device port is the Halium documentation and the Halium Telegram group. But of course the Plasma Mobile group is also helpful! :)

I had a rough day today (technically, it's not over yet), so I spent about $80 on a used LG V500 Android tablet that will run LineageOS. We have a wiki page for how to get PM up and running on a Lineage-powered device.

It'll be here in a week to 10 days and I'll get to work porting/installing Plasma Mobile. Naturally, I'll report back on how it goes.

The list of LineageOS devices is rather large, so assuming I can get this tablet to work, there's potential to promote Plasma Mobile on a wider range of devices(*)

(*) That's not taking into account any legalese about proprietary binaries or firmware or whatnot. I do technology, not lawyer.

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