Growing Plasma Mobile: Goal: Onboarding of new contributors
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  1. Find out what the current process is.
  2. Write a walkthrough (or check if one already exists on the wiki) which will help aspiring contributors become active contributors.
  3. Work with the people of T7116 so we can keep up to date with the changes they introduce to the process so we can keep our tutorials, walkthroughs, etc. current.
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@skadinna, you are the wiki-whisperer... Do you know if there is a document anywhere that explains how to become a full-fledged Plasma Mobile contributor? Or anything else we can use and adapt?

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lydia added a comment.Jan 20 2018, 4:21 PM

Before we start introducing more ways of getting people in board let's please consolidate and improve what we have. At the end there should be one place where people get started for contributing to KDE and then only additional guides to that that explain things relevant for the project in particular.

@lydia I've been pointing people to, which is really good. We might consider centralizing information there and deprecating all of our other redundant points of entry.

It would be awesome if we could have a page like!/progornoprog/advocate
(even on wiki)

paulb added a comment.Jan 20 2018, 4:33 PM

Not especially thinking of new ways, @lydia , more along the lines @ngraham points out, that is, the best guide we can find so we can, if possible, improve it and point new potential contributors to it.

skadinna added a comment.EditedJan 20 2018, 4:55 PM

Apart from the developer guide that @bshah linked above, there's also this:

and its subpages. Not sure how up-to-date all this information is, but there's a FAQ already set up (that could be easily expanded), as well as information on flashing devices and on contributing to Plasma Mobile.

It might be worth investing some time into updating all this.

As for the Get Involved page, we should definitely work on cleaning it up and turning it into the central information access point for all new contributors.
The first step could be to make it look less like a wall of text, and more like icons/images with short, actionable descriptions. (I'll try to make a sketch real quick and attach it here so you can see what I mean).

We should also think about the Plasma Mobile forums - do we want to direct potential contributors there (and in which cases/for which types of questions)?
Or do we highlight IRC channels/Matrix rooms as the main venues of communication with the developers?

paulb added a comment.Jan 20 2018, 6:33 PM

Apart from the developer guide that @bshah linked above, there's also this:

and its subpages. Not sure how up-to-date all this informat

Thanks @skadinna.

Of all the subpages you mention, I think this one:

best fits the description if this task. It is very simple, to the point and straightforward. You land on it and can immediately know what to do.

All the the other suggested pages are valuable in their way, but this one would probably be the best first point of entry. Once new contributors know who to go to, more veteran users can direct them to more specific pages.

However, I am not sure the information is current. There is no mention of IRC/Telegram/Matrix channels, for example. and Plasma Mobile forums does not terribly active (there are big gaps between posts).

What do you guys think? And, if you agree, can we update it?

Yeah, that's a good one!
Forums are in a sad state, so as a way to contact, we'd better provide and

As for, I think this would be a good step 2, but the text again needs some serious editing. The parts about Phabricator, for example, need cleaning up, taking out the section where the author mentions what it is built on and other irrelevant bits, and focusing on the features which will be immediately interesting for a newcomer. Also, illustrating with some images would help clarify things for people unfamiliar with the platform.

This page would also benefit of changing out links to forums for something more current.

I had a crack at re-organizing and rewriting parts of to make it more approachable. What do you guys think?

First impression: That is MUCH better, @ngraham. It is late here, but I will look over it in depth tomorrow.

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Has the list of supported devices for Plasma Mobile been updated lately? only lists the LG Nexus 5 and LG Nexus 5X phones. I don't need another phone (sorry, dedicated iPhone user), but I'd be willing to shop for a compatible tablet if there are any that can run Plasma Mobile.