Move URL Navigator into toolbar
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VDG is proposing to make Dolphin look more like this mockup:

One of the most prominent things you can see here is that we've given the URL Navigator a more Breeze-like style (Tracked with T11662) and moved it URL Navigator into the toolbar. The reasons are as follows:

  • This makes it more obvious, and reduces (and hopefully) eliminates the desire to add an "Up" button to the default toolbar
  • Consistency with the general design of other file managers which have their Breadcrumbs bar/URL input field in the toolbar

As far as I am aware, the only challenge here is handling split views. Currently, each pane of a split view gets its own URL Navigator. With this proposed redesign, we have the following options when using split mode:

  1. Remove the URL Navigator from the toolbar and display one in each pane, as with the status quo
  2. As 1, but disable the one in the toolbar rather than removing it entirely
  3. Keep a single URL Navigator in the toolbar, but change it dynamically to show the path for the active split view
  4. Other ideas?
ngraham created this task.Sep 15 2019, 5:42 PM
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Couple of questions:

  1. Can we keep the URL navigator left-aligned or make it filling width? Unclear what jumps and resizes will happen when a user enters or leaves a subdirectory.
  2. How will you handle tabs? They are not a very discoverable feature now (sadly), and with this change integrating them looks even less promising.
  1. Sure, we could do that.
  2. The location displayed in the URL bar would change when the active tab changes. This is what other file managers already do and it's fine IMO.

It seems to me that making the URL navigator buttons more discoverable and moving the URL navigator to the toolbar are two orthogonal things.

I'm pretty sure we can fix the discoverability problem without having to move the URL navigator to the toolbar.

  1. Cool :)
  2. Just to make sure, do you imagine tab bar placed above the toolbar? That is a familiar browser-like presentation.

I agree, we don't have to do this to make the buttons more discoverable. That's mostly tracked by anyway.

The big reason IMO is aesthetics. I think the main window just looks better with the URL Navigator in the toolbar. It gives Dolphin a nice clean appearance, and allows everything below the toolbar to share the same horizontal plane. I think this is one of the things that makes Nautilus subconsciously feel better than Dolphin even though Dolphin is much more usable and powerful

Just to make sure, do you imagine tab bar placed above the toolbar? That is a familiar browser-like presentation.

I actually had not thought about that at all, but it's definitely an interesting idea.

Would it be too noisy if we did something like [ ... > dir1 ] | [ ... > dir2 ] for split views?

If the URL Navigator is moved into the toolbar, isn't it more likely to observe a shortened URL Navigator when the path is barely more than two levels deep?
Would such a move allow people to partially restore the old behavior by creating a separate toolbar? (partially because it won't be possible to have the URL Navigator at the same level of the Places panel as it is now)