sunsetting KHotKeys
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Differential Revisions
D25086: Port to KGlobalAccel
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Required actions will be:

  • add support to start applications in KGlobalAccel
  • migrate the existing KHotKey shortcuts to KGlobalAccel without the user


  • migrate the dbus command/fake input to shell scripts with a desktop file and

register them in KGlobalAccel

  • generate kwin scripts from the window actions

An idea can also be to improve the global shortcuts configuration module to
make it easier to set global shortcuts from there.

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<notmart> Riddell: i'm working on a part of it

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As mentioned in T11567, we probably don't want to port khotkeys

One place where we still use khotkeys in plasma is in kmenuedit but that should be easily ported to GlobalAccel

Konsole still uses khotkeys (updatescript can be adapted from D19310 and D25086 since it writes itself into the kmenuedit group)