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Authored by broulik on Apr 21 2020, 2:22 PM.



It serves as a replacement for kdbusaddons_generate_dbus_service_file.

An application can be a DBus-activated service just fine without using KDBusAddons.
Moreover, this new module uses named arguments for future-proofing, and adds support for specifying a SystemdService.
It also cleans up the confusion on what the "path" is about: Rather than requiring to specify executable and path separately, we just extract the executable file name on Windows, if necessary.


ecm_generate_dbus_service_file(NAME org.kde.kded5
                               EXECUTABLE ${KDE_INSTALL_FULL_BINDIR}/kded5
                               SYSTEMD_SERVICE plasma-kded)
Test Plan
  • Was able to generate a kded service file
  • Was able to generate a kded service file with SystemdUnit
  • Verified that it moaned when executable wasn't an absolute path
  • Untested on Windwos

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Some first quick comments, not yet looked at code itself.

Misses also link file from doc/.


generate and install


Would be nice to have an example.
Also having each argument discussed in an own section makes getting the docs easier,


Creates a dependecy on KDEInstallDirs.

ECM/Modules are supposed to be usable in non-KDE-typical setups. So like other places in this subfolder this macro needs an argument to pass the installation folder.

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  • Improve docs
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Add docs rst

Any chance for a simple unit test to check the generation does what is expected (or catches bad input)? :)


This might be misunderstood that people on the caller side need to do an if/else switch for what to pass as EXECUTABLE.
Perhaps change to say this should be the absolute path (and give a hint that with KDEInstallDirs being used this should be then the _FULL variant of the variable.)
The actual special handling for the Windows case could be mentioned as a note only, for the curious user.


This leaves me puzzled what values are exactly accepted here, should get more details (and perhaps a separate example).

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  • Clarify docs

A unit test would be good to have. The test for ECMGeneratePkgConfigFile might be a sample for this.


Computer says: .../extra-cmake-modules/modules/ECMGenerateDBusServiceFile.cmake:17: WARNING: Inline literal start-string without end-string.


I would propopse "to the installed service executable.", to avoid the misunderstanding this is about the copy in the build system.


Same issue: KDEInstallDirs misses double single quotes after it.


Perhaps phrase it like: "Note: On Windows, the macro will only use the file name part of <executable> since D-Bus service executables are to be installed in the same directory as the D-Bus daemon."
Current text still leaves chance to misunderstand that the user in "is used" is the macro caller, not the macro itself :)