Add highdpi support for RDP and VNC
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Authored by volkov on Apr 24 2019, 3:19 PM.


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In highdpi mode coordinates are specified in device independent pixels,
and Qt auto-scales everything by devicePixelRatio, i.e. the ratio between
the device independent and device pixel coordinate systems.

Thus for RDP we should pass the size in device pixels to xfreerdp.

For VNC we should avoid auto-scaling, which can be done by setting
devicePixelRatio of the paint device for the painted image, and
the size of the image should be converted to device independent
pixels where it's needed.

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it looks sane to me, but otoh i don't have a hidpi display to test so not really an expert in this field.

Would you mind writing a long-ish comment in the commit (use arc diff --edit --verbatim to reupload the new text to phabricator) for the next person that tries to read the code?

I could test with hidpi screens, but I need to understand what was the problem and how is it fixed.

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BTW you can test even without a high DPI screen just by using KScreen's scaling or running QT_SCALE_FACTOR=<some real between 1.0 and 2.0> <executable name/path> It will simply be bigger, but any graphical glitches can still be seen.

I'm going to rebase it on D21096. Please, review that change first.

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