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During Akademy2018, I had the opportunity to discuss with several people, both newcomers and some old timers, about the Get Involved page. I've also had a long chat with Carlos Soriano from GNOME, who demonstrated their Get Involved page on which they have been working on for the last 2-3 years.

A common theme that emerged from these discussions is that we can do more in our landing page for people looking for ways to contribute to KDE. Our current page has already received an important rework as part of the Streamlined Onboarding goal, but there is always room for further improvements.

Here's some of the ideas that came up:

  • We need to have a centralize place where newcomers can quickly find updated details on important aspects of the projects they can work on, especially when we are discussing about code. Keep this page short and to the point (include: name, page, contact info, coding language and tools used, easiness/complexity for newcomers).
  • Especially for Coding, there should be some way to list projects by coding language/tools and complexity.
  • Adding a "feedbackers" and "organizers" section for people that can help in those areas.
  • Having a clear path of involvement demonstrated on the page and an indicator letting you know at what step you are.
  • Having a "Contact us if you still don't know where you fit, we can help you figure it out" button that would direct people to the Welcome Team- T8712.

So I've started this task so we can further discuss on this and come up with other ideas and propose a new design. Hopefully someone willing to put the effort to develop this new website.

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I totally agree with all your ideas Neo, and i have a few which i would like to share:

  • We can add a page showing all the FAQ
  • We should even include all the latest projects that are going on, maybe create a kind of news tab, where they can see some videos and announcements of current work going on
  • We all know that no one is a born programmer, we all learn in the course of actually doing code, all newcomers are hesitant when they are starting to contribute for the first time, I feel we need to keep a page where we can share our coding experience and how we started and now how easy we get along with coding. This page would make them feel better and would give them a kind of boost to start contributing.
  • Teams description, be it any team we should have a page where we give some details about the team and what projects they work on. People like to choose their team, we should give them some knowledge about how the team is and how do they work, so they can plan accordingly.
  • Let in images as images speak more than words, we need to make our page attractive.
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We have to make our "Get Involved" or update the current Wiki page so that it is easier to access/understand for the newcomers. To make it simplified here are a few suggestions:

Create a static webpage for ‘Get Involved’ on the website. We should offer clear projects/opportunities:

  • Welcome to KDE Chat (Button/link to the matrix webchat)
  • KDE’s projects (steps as icons)
    • Development
    • Translations
    • Interface design
    • Documentation
    • User support
    • Promotion
    • Web
    • Accessibility
    • Donation
  • Micro volunteering
    • Install Plasma
    • Learn about KDE's applications
    • Fix a bug
    • Triage a bug
    • Help a new KDE user
  • Learn More (Button/links to the wiki page for those that need more information before committing)

[] Other Suggestions

  • Volunteer job description/ explain their role
  • KDE Identity Form: Add Skills : Programmers/Developers, UI/UX Designers, Content Writers, Communication, Community Manager, Marketing/Sales, Social Media, SEO/SEM, A/B Testing, Email Marketing, Administration, Event Management, Videographers/Photographers, Digital editors (videos and photos), Musician/ Sound Editors, Graphic Designers, Website Developer, Web analytics, Fundraising, Project Management, Statistical Analysis/ Data Structures, Programming languages (Java, Python), User interface design, Network security, Languages/Translators, Cloud Management, Debugging
  • Welcome message/email after joining
  • Orientation/onboarding process (volunteer handbook/ wiki page)

Promoting "Get Involved"
Finding new contributors through

  • Posts on the social network for new influencers
  • Using the snowball technique to attract new young influencers
  • Schools and universities
  • Businesses
  • Community groups

Based on suggestions. Please see these 3 options, as I am not a designer these are just for ideas. If there are more changes/suggestions, please share.

Option # 1

Option # 2

Option # 3