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Hi everyone,

Among other activities at Akademy 2018, we held an impromptu Plasma Mobile meeting. It was the first time that the PlaMo contributors that were present sat together around a table and discussed on all things Plasma Mobile and I personally found it very productive.

My understanding is that Plasma Mobile discussions have so far been a part of the general Plasma sprints, but my impression from Akademy is that there is now enough of a team around this project to hold an independent sprint that would help in pushing things forward.

We need first to decide on the topic of the sprint, and of course the place and time.

If you are interested, leave a comment below, so we can get the discussion started. I suggest mentioning how you are involved in Plasma Mobile, where you will be coming from, and share your ideas on how we could make the most of this sprint.

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I'm working on bringing KDE Connect to Plasma Mobile and also proposed that we use the SMS app that we are currently developing for KDE Connect as the SMS app for Plasma Mobile. I'd like to discuss ideas about KDE Connect on Plasma Mobile and work on the PM-specific parts of the SMS app task

I will be coming from Germany

I have been working on Halium and Plasma Mobile Debian packages for more than a year now, mostly building and testing things. I have been helping to promote Plasma Mobile in social networks, then presented at a conference in St Petersburg. I've just finished working on KDE Russia's website and switched to Kaidan, a Kirigami XMPP messenger, in hope to improve my programming skills to participate in development.

I think it would be useful to focus on basic mobile-specific platform functions, like fixing theme issues, improving hardware support, shell UI and telephony applications.

If I manage to make it to the sprint, I will be coming from Russia.

I'm working on Kaidan, the XMPP client in PlaMo (together with @IlyaBizyaev and @jbbgameich). I also ported Halium to my Xperia Z which is running Plasma Mobile, now.

I think automatic screen rotation would be a very nice feature and it is already implemented for other backends in kwin (only the hwcomposer backend would be missing). Also scaling would be a point that needs to be fixed.

I will also be coming from Germany/Berlin. It will be very nice to meet you all. :)

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I'm working on the Plasma Mobile and Halium packaging for Debian and Ubuntu based systems, and also try to improve some of the core apps of Plasma Mobile.
As @lnj mentioned I'm also working on Kaidan.

Maybe porting scaling to the new QT_SCALE_FACTOR mechanism would be a good plan for the sprint, as it would probably fix a lot of wrongly sized fonts and widgets expecially on the not officially supported devices. Dalton from UBports already worked on that for Ubuntu Touch, so we can probably get help from there.

I will be coming from Berlin, Germany as well.

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I have been working on Plasma Mobile packaging for postmarketOS.

Personally I think it would be good to focus on basic mobile functions like Ilya said, making sure it's usable enough as a basic phone shell for now. Stuff like get the dialler and an sms application up and running, fix performance and inconsistency issues, improving the flashing process of the KDE Neon developer images (as far as I understand it uses outdated tools), etc.

I'm not sure I'll be much useful as my C++ coding knowledge is limited, and I only recently started learning QML, but I'll see what I can do and at least make sure to represent postmarketOS. I'll be coming from the Netherlands.

I' ve tried to help newcomers to contribute to Plasma Mobile; with @bshah we tried to make phabricator tasks more complete and easier to be assigned to newcomers and, for the same purpose, I 've created the findyourway interactive guide.

I have worked with QML and Kirigami creating some simple apps (e.g. Glosbit). I hope I 'll find some time to start hacking on a Kirigami calendar component.

I agree with @PureTryOut that it is quite important to enable the dialer to place calls and the messaging app (kde-connect?) to send SMS messages.

I 'll be coming from Athens, Greece.

bshah added a comment.Oct 13 2018, 5:50 AM

I'm maintaining Plasma Mobile project, and mainly working on overall packaging and architecture.

Generally speaking it would be useful if we can "fix" the architecture/packaging/whatever to get Calls/SMS working before we start a sprint. Generally speaking sprint will be scheduled for say, minimum 3 days to maximum of a week. And generally that time is not enough to get major things fixed. Or in other words it's best to not spend this time fixing single problems which can be solved from home at leisure.

I'd rather spend this time working on,

  • Documentation of project: at sprint we will have people who are good at documenting things and also people who knows what needs to be documented. Sprint would be nice opportunity to share the knowledge and reduce overall bus factor.
  • SDK/3rd-party application development: We are not clear how 3rd party application deployment would work and it is important we figure this out.
  • General polish: after tackling this two things we will still have some time to get over some bite sized tasks, we can work on the list of very small tasks.

Of course this is my idea of things to work on, but I'm open to new ideas.

I'll be coming from the India, and as for timeline due to personal reasons I would love if sprint is scheduled in 2019 instead of this year in next two months.

lnj added a comment.Oct 13 2018, 9:29 AM

I would already have a location for the sprint in Berlin (xHain Hackerspace). But I don't think I'll get it for 7 days, maybe 4 or 5 (Or we just don't get the evening time). Also if it's longer than two days it needs to be in my holidays (February 2-10 were nearest).

I have only observed Plasma Mobile so far and not found the time and place to really contribute anything. However I'm still interested in attending a sprint. Freiburg, Germany is my home town so either Berlin or Randa would be lovely. I'll be in or around Berlin for the festive season but any other (prolonged) weekend would be fine as well.

Currently I have a Nexus 5x for testing but I'd love not to run posh once my Librem arrives ... Can we invite them once this is more concrete?

For sprint dates, I was thinking, it would be nicer to schedule it before or after FOSDEM, so I have reason to go to europe and attend FOSDEM 😛

Generally it is hard for me to go to Europe for just 2 day event (FOSDEM), and I maybe able to group it together with plasma mobile sprint.

Judging from the responses so far, it seems like a good candidate would be Berlin/Germany, the week before or after FOSDEM.

Is that doable as a date and destination for everyone?

We will need to have someone there to organize it, @lnj are you up for the task? I know the KDE e.V. offices are in Berlin, so it should be easy to get any help and guidance you might need.

Judging from the responses so far, it seems like a good candidate would be Berlin/Germany, the week before or after FOSDEM.

I will be working in Berlin during that time so that should be feasible for me, but I can't yet tell whether I can get those days off or just drop by after work

adomas added a subscriber: adomas.Nov 5 2018, 7:27 PM

I will come after work if it's in Berlin

The week after FOSDEM (4.-9. February) would be a convenient time for me, since there are holidays in that week in Berlin.

8-10/02 would be nice for me. If we opt for a more-than-3-days sprint, the whole post-FOSDEM week is probably also OK for me, but I' ll have to ask for days-off and come back with an update.

apol added a subscriber: apol.Nov 6 2018, 12:11 PM

I am interested in joining.

Aiix added a subscriber: Aiix.Nov 7 2018, 12:45 AM

Hi everyone, I am interested in participating I work on Mycroft plasmoid for plasma and I think it would be very interesting to have it supported and inside plasma mobile as an user experience. There is some work done on my end to port the Mycroft plasmoid to plasma mobile and also a kirigami standalone app, but I am surely interested in it having a deeper integration with the platform and the shell on the phone.

lnj added a comment.Nov 11 2018, 4:07 PM

@neofytosk I think the location I had in mind slowly gets too small and as @jbbgameich told me @bshah already contacted KDAB and they could provide us their office (is that correct?). In that case I don't see any special tasks only I can do from Berlin, but if there's anything I can do, just tell me. :)

About the sprint date, February 8th-10th is not directly after the FOSDEM (2nd-3rd), so probably not fitting with @bshah's plans. Also I'm busy on February 8th (XMPP meetup in Germany/Hamburg). For me February 4th-7th were fitting best (even if it's not perfect for me because my birthday is on February 5th).

bshah added a comment.Nov 11 2018, 4:20 PM

`s/KDAB/Endocode' :-)

We have used Endocode office in past for Plasma Sprint, and we could ask them again.

I would prefer the weekend before FOSDEM (or the week leeding up to it) ... have to go ski touring starting 9.2. ;)

And actually work a bit at some point ...

I am working on a series of frameworks and frameworks improvements to make it easier to port applications to Plasma Mobile and Android. I am also the maintainer of Ring-KDE, a complete [phone] call stack with support for Plasma Mobile. Just saying I am interested to go to the sprint.

mart added a subscriber: mart.Nov 13 2018, 4:25 PM

if is in february and not too soon proobably i can make it

Great to see the interest for this sprint increasing!

@bshah if we get a positive response from Endocode, let's start a FramaDate (or doodle) so we can decide on the dates. =)

lnj added a comment.EditedNov 18 2018, 1:12 PM

@neofytosk I opened a poll, please all submit your votes: https://framadate.org/plasma-mobile-2019

Tell me if I should add a date.

bshah added a comment.Nov 18 2018, 1:15 PM

I erm, think there has been some confusion? Looking at comments, we thought for everyone week after FOSDEM did work fine for majority of people, so we requested those dates to Endocode.

lnj added a comment.EditedNov 18 2018, 1:17 PM

@bshah I removed the dates before FOSDEM.

[Edit] The poll is still good to see who will be there.

bshah added a comment.Nov 18 2018, 1:21 PM

No I mean, well, the dates you have on the poll, we have requested, exactly those dates to Endocode (4-9). So I wonder if we need poll at all :)

In T9729#167975, @bshah wrote:

No I mean, well, the dates you have on the poll, we have requested, exactly those dates to Endocode (4-9). So I wonder if we need poll at all :)

In this case no poll is indeed needed. Once we get the OK from Endocode, we can just ask to see who can make it. Keep is posted! =)


So sprint dates are confirmed to be 4-9 February, If you need travel support from KDE e.V. please sign up at : https://reimbursements.kde.org/events/80

https://ev.kde.org/rules/reimbursement_policy.php is the link to travel reimbursement policy.

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Hi. My name is Camilo and I've been working on the Maui project, which consists of a framework to quickly develop apps that run on Android, GNU Desktops and also in Plasma Mobile with the help of Kirigami. The apps are VVAVE(music player), Pix(image/ gallery manager), Index(file manager), Buho(notes taking app), Station(terminal emulator) and Nota(simple text editor). An interesting aspect of this set of apps is the idea of having cloud integration and syncing between devices.

Some subjects that interest me are:
3rd party application integration with the system, the launcher/shell ui ux design, cloud integration, and the file dialog.

I would like to attend the sprint to expand the Maui project to better integrate with Plasma Mobile, and also get feedback and get involved in other PlaMo related projects.
Also, the idea of discussing 3rd-party application development, as Bhushan mentioned, interest me.

I would be coming from Medellin, Colombia. South America.

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