Krita 2018 things that probably should get finished.
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On the 2018 sprint, it was decided that we have a selection of topics left over, and that we should order them. @Deevad, @timotheegiet, @kamathraghavendra and @Bollebib ordered the list, and then @rempt divided the tasks as following:

  • @rempt
    • Resource Management Rewrite
    • Shortcut and Canvas input unification and bugs.
    • Better g'mic intergration.
  • @dkazakov
    • Mask and selections
    • Text (investigations) -- Text information should go to T8198
    • SVG leftovers
      • T3577
      • T5428
      • Winding mode not accesible.
      • entering groups.
    • T1005
    • Layer styles
  • @jounip
    • Animation leftovers
  • @woltherav
    • Collect information about missing python stuff.
    • Organise leftover color grading stuff.
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