Support SVG patterns completely.
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This has four parts:

Render patterns

  • Raster Patterns
    • base
    • Offset
    • Scale
    • Origin
    • Rotation
  • Vector Patterns
    • base
    • Offset
    • scale
    • origin
    • rotation

Edit patterns

  • Edit raster patterns
  • Edit vector patterns

Resource management

  • store/load raster patterns
  • store/load vector patterns
    • Load rastrised version
    • load vector version

Load/Save Patterns

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Note the following use-case is broken in 3.3.3, and should work in 4.0:

  • Create two vector layers
  • Create a vector object on each layer with a different pattern
  • Save and load

In 3.3, this will load the same pattern because the first encountered pattern image will be added to the pattern store as picture1; and since the second one, too, is named picture1, that will overwrite the first pattern.

SVG allows BASE64 loading/saving of image data, so either we decide upon a more advanced way of handling patterns, or we just embed the pattern images.