Rethink Krita development fund
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Discussed briefly at the Sprint in 2019.

There are some issues that are wanting to solve with the current system

  1. Manage subscriptions better
  2. Have a donation bar and establish some goals for funding like Blender does
  3. Differentiate normal donations with sponsors
  4. Use some of the ideas from the sprint to determine what features to work on
  5. need to discuss if we want to have bigger higher level goals like "improve text tool", or smaller goals that people can vote on.
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With a little bit of looking into things, we are going to need to start having a username and login to manage this information like takes care of.

Do we want to have another log in system just for the development fund, or I wonder if it is possible to tie into a system we already have?

This ID could be potentially used long term for other things like stores and training like blender does. Something to think about.

This definitely needs discussion with the sysadmins. Ben -- what do you think? Basically, we will need to store our dev fund subscribers info somewhere, and allow them to change that themselves.

I think Blender has a standalone authentication site that runs through The other sites like and use it to authenticate. Those websites can do whatever they want then.

We already kind of do this with since it has a LDAP plugin that does something with usernames. I am not sure if we could just just do something similar for a development fund thing.

I also see something like this that KDE uses, but the payment options look pretty limited...
That looks like it plugs into CivicCRM, which I am guessing at this point Krita is probably not going to be using?

KDE is looking for an identity replacement: I don't know if blender id ( was considered as a replacement or not.

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