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A standalone application with functionalities like:

  • Display time
  • Set alarms
  • Stopwatch
  • Timer

Knowledge Requirements: Willing to learn Qt/QML, CMake.

System Requirements: You can develop this application on normal Linux system, and test it in native Linux system. If you want to test it on Plasma Mobile system, you can use actual Mobile device or Plasma Mobile x86 ISO in emulated environment.

Design Resources:

Development Resources:

lnj added a subscriber: lnj.Jun 24 2018, 1:25 PM

I think for alarms cron could be used, so the clock itself doesn't need be a daemon. But is/will cron be included in the images?

nickre added a subscriber: nickre.Jun 25 2018, 12:19 PM

I would like to contribute to this application. I have already started working on it, but where should I submit the code for review?

I would like to contribute to this application. I have already started working on it, but where should I submit the code for review?

It's best to use arcanist to upload patches to phabricator.

Unfortunately, for new plasma mobile applications, no relative phabricator place exists for the review to take place. So, for the first reviews and before the new app code reaches KDE repository, we cannot avoid using an external code hosting provider (e.g. gitlab). It is an important issue that we will discuss at Akademy BoF. @nickre if this is not a problem for you, could you please put your code there and put the relative link here so as our devs to review it?

dkardarakos updated the task description. (Show Details)Jun 26 2018, 4:35 PM

@dkardarakos Here is my code: Currently it is in a mockup state. Should I also submit a mockup to Pholio?

Great, this was fast! Right, it would also be nice to have a mockup at Pholio, as described in T8963, to let KDE designers review it. You may also find helpful the already in progress design review task M129 (regarding plasma mobile weather app).

@nickre awesome work, Just as sidenote, I learned that @alex-l from VDG and @tcanabrava form dev side is working on re-designed KTimer, See M130 for reference. Maybe you can join forces with them :-)

@nickre This is really nice work! I'd like to move this forward and bring it to a KDE repository. However, I see that your files don't have any license information/headers. Would you please clarify this by adding license headers according to so we don't "steal" your work?

nickre added a comment.Aug 2 2019, 9:14 PM

@nicolasfella I added license headers and uploaded it to Invent.

For the alarm clock, we may adopt an approach like calindac of Calindori.

In such a case, I see these options:

  • Add alarm entries to a calendar, using kcalendarcore events. Enhance calindac to search in this calendar and support ringing alarms. We may move calindac to a separate repository.
  • Add alarm entries to a calendar, using kcalendarcore events. Create a new background app.
  • Add alarm entries to a configuration file. Create a new background app.

Hello, I am Sashmita Raghav, from India. I am very much interested in contributing to this application.
I have some experience working with Qt, C++ and QML. I would be greatful if someone could tell me where I could start 😄

Welcome @sassycode ! I would start by looking into the code of kirigamiclock in invent, which I think is still a personal project of @nickre, find some area that needs improvement or a missing feature, forking the repository and submitting a merge request.

Hey @dkardarakos, can I build and run the source code on my system (KDE neon) first and then test the changes I make later in the emulated environment?
Or do I have to do everything in the emulated environment only?

You can test it on the desktop