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This is the second version of a basic mockup for Plasma mobile weather app.
It currently has two pages - the main page, and the settings page.
The main page houses the current days forecast and forecasts for next seven days. Tapping on the forecasts should bring up the detailed view.
Only basic information is shown (for now).
The icons can be changed to ensure consistency. I couldn't find a good set of icons so used my icons as placeholder.

BrokenMutant created Plasma mobile weather app.Jun 25 2018, 5:39 PM
BrokenMutant added a project: Plasma: Mobile.
bshah added subscribers: fabianr, alex-l, bshah.

Thank you for working on this, Awesome work! \o/

I have added some inline comments although keep in mind I am not designer or the HIG expert :P so paging @fabianr and @alex-l for more feedback.

Inline Comments

There is no clear indication in first page of which city this weather is. (Assuming we allow multiple cities to be configured).

I am unsure if the HIG have a clear say on this one but if I understand correctly in mobile apps, settings aree instant apply. So you probably won't need this.

Isn't this duplicated information?

It is fine for mockup, but there are some alignment issues there 😛

Should this may be GlobalDrawer instead of seperate page? I am unsure.

bshah awarded a token.Jun 26 2018, 4:10 AM

You're right about the duplicated information. Maybe we can swap it with time based graphs. For example if the user selects Thursday's forecast they will be able to see a graph of how the temperature changes throughout the day.
Thank you for your feedback.

mart added a subscriber: mart.Jun 26 2018, 9:07 AM

is this mockup a drawing or is a qml file with dummy data?

@mart this is just a drawing.

I am really excited to see these mockups! Good work! Although not a designer, following Kirigami HIG I would put "location search" and more important settings at the bottom of the page to facilitate one handed navigation.

BrokenMutant updated the mock's description. (Show Details)Jun 28 2018, 4:18 PM
BrokenMutant edited images, added: Weather mockup 2; removed: weather-mock1.png

So I have updated the design a bit.
I moved the temperature units and wind velocity units to the global drawer following @bshah 's advice.
In the settings page, I have added a list of locations where new items can be added. Following @dkardarakos 's advice, the "Add" button is at the bottom.
The redundant information in the details page have been swapped with a graph for parameters throughout the day.
There's now a way to change the location.

Waiting for your feedbacks.


About the previous and next buttons. I don't like them, because nobody know what happens before click next. For me it look like an kde hidden feature.

Instead of previous next buttons I would prefer to have eg. The different locations in tabbs, cause ordinary you have one location, so no tab, or two locations, but then you can switch easy with click the tab or swipe.

@andreaska Thanks. I'll change it to a tab instead

Wouldn't tabs and navigation by horizontal swipes better to change location? Same for parameters, maybe with arrows to indicate that you can swipe right/left to view another parameter?

Instead of refresh I would use add and update with swipe top to down cause this is a common swipe.

abetts added a subscriber: abetts.Sep 13 2018, 8:16 PM

I was just thinking the same. At the same time, we are evaluating the value of having a floating set of buttons in the kirigami interface so let's not hold on to them for functionality just yet. If there are other ways to get the same functionality within the app UI then great.

Other than that, I was wondering, how do you access the locations menu?

So I changed the locations and parameters to tabs