NaturalSorting option needs a place in system settings
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It's currently not possible to edit the kdeglobals NaturalSorting key via UI. This key is used by kio's kdirsortfilterproxymodel.cpp, which in turn is used at least by gwenview and the plasma file dialog. Dolphin used to use this key as well, but it eventually switched to its own setting:

Once this task is fixed, Dolphin should be ported back to the global key, to achieve consistent sorting behavior across all applications.

See also Konstantinos Smanis' comment here:

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Addition by @markg
Everything that is currently stored in "kiorc" is - to my knowledge - not changeable in a global UI configuration.
For example, the confirmation dialogs for Delete, Trash and Empty trash can all be set, but only dolphin allows you to set them. And those settings will have system wide influences.
As for natural sorting, i'm not entirely sure which rc file contains that but it's somewhere.

In my opinion it's best to keep all those settings in one place. Preferable not an application as that might give the user the impression that changing the setting only has effect on that application. The logical place is therefore a system settings module. But how do you call such a thing? Using KIO in that name is likely met by a users reaction of "huh, what is KIO?" so it probably has to be a more generic name. The only sane name that comes to my mind: "File browsing behavior", but i'm sure there are better names.

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Partially related: the ShowDeleteCommand key (stored in kdeglobals) should also be exposed somewhere in systemsettings. It's used by both dolphin and plasma folder-view.

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I've updated the description. I'm not entirely sure if this is how i should update it (never played with phabricator tasks before). Everything i added is obviously after the "Addition by @markg".
And added @ngraham for input :)

Yep, you did fine!

I agree that we need some a System Settings KCM to configure KIO behaviors so we don't have to jam them all into Dolphin (though once we do this, Dolphin's Configure window should probably have a link to it).

"File browsing behavior" sounds sane enough, but I agree that there's probably something better.

We discussed a bit this today at the systemsettings BoF at Akademy with @mart. It is still not clear where these randomly-related KIO config keys should end up, since we currently don't have a "global file management" KCM.

In retrospect, I've come around to the notion that "global file management" settings should probably be/stay in Dolphin. I know that technically this isn't the most correct place because they affect more than just Dolphin, but to most users, Dolphin is where they'd look for these settings and expect them to live. Regular users associate the file manager (and its settings page) with all file-manipulation-related user interfaces.

At the moment I would say yes. :)

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Yeah, let's keep this the way it is. I think it's plenty comprehensible, and we never managed to come up with a good place to move them anyway.

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