Investigate relocating content in General > Confirmations tab
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After D10968 lands, 3 out of the 5 confirmation checkboxes in ConfigureGeneralConfirmations will be related to the trash and deleting things. I think it might make more sense to put them all under the Trash page (where people will naturally go looking for them), rather than hidden away in GeneralConfirmations.

That will leave only two confirmations under the Confirmations tab. We might consider removing the Confirmations tab entirely, moving the remaining two confirmation checkboxes onto the Behavior tab. We could make room for them by removing that tab's existing group boxes and headers, and making the radio button controls look more like those in Gwenview and modern KCMs: with the label to the left of the radio buttons, and all the text written so it can be read in the form of a sentence, e.g.:

Sort: (*) Naturally
      ( ) Alphabetically (case insensitive)
      ( ) Alphabetically (case sensitive)

If there's still not enough room, we could use a combobox instead of radio buttons.

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Migrating my comment:

Makes sense, but don't forget about the "in all KDE applications" caveat. Splitting this makes it harder to communicate, IOW you'd have to duplicate the label and in one place it would only affect a single random item on a tab. Are there plans to move/duplicate/integrate this wrt. to Systemsettings?

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We decided not to do this. There are now quite a few items in here and it seems like they're fine there.