[Planning] analysis of current state of KDE promo
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We need an anlysis of the current state of all things marketing around KDE. Based on this we can plan improvements and next steps.

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Here's a quick overview from me. We can base our further/deeper analysis on this (at least partially). Some comments can be turned into standalone tasks and moved to the workboard if it's appropriate.

I will be editing this comment with new information, feedback, and suggestions from others.

Please tell me if I'm doing this wrong, i.e. if there's a better way to share all of this. Thanks! :)

Current Promo Tasks:

PROBLEM: is this information up-to-date? Check and add new things if necessary.

  • Promo To-Do on Community wiki (number 8 under Reference Materials here)

PROBLEM: the link doesn't work: https://todo.kde.org/?controller=board&action=show&project_id=78

  • Is there any other list of promo tasks that are currently active, or a wishlist of things that need to be done?

Let's link it here and maybe even add some of those tasks to this Phabricator project.

Primary Marketing Outlets

  1. KDE news - the Dot
  2. Social Media
  3. Live Events
  4. Outreach to press, partners, distributions...
  5. ?

The Dot
The Dot is an equivalent of a business blog and the main source of KDE-generated content. Looking back at it, the Dot was mostly focused on posting release notes, reports or announcements of various events, and other company-related news. Recently, there has been a slight increase in user-oriented content in the form of interviews and how-tos. My suggestion is to continue with this community/user-focused approach.

Content ideas for the Dot:

  • posts from community members and developers on their story - how they joined the project, why they love KDE software / the community, how do they contribute


  • weekly updates from developers - what's being done

Example from Mozilla:

  • what about the Behind KDE project? It basically covers both of these ideas. Should we revive it?
  • find FRF - Frequently Requested Features - from forums, reddit, IRC & other sources of "user complaints"; for example, features they loved from KDE 4 but Plasma 5 is missing. Write how-to guides and explain how to replace those features to achieve their behavior on the new DE

More great content ideas for the Dot can be found on the Community wiki: https://community.kde.org/Promo/DotIdeas

Social Media

  • Which are the main KDE social media accounts & who runs them?

Answered here, unless the info is outdated: https://community.kde.org/Promo/People/social_media

  • Is there a shared schedule for posting on social media that the team can work on?

We're working on one. I moved the content ideas for social media from here into our working document. It will be shared when it's done in its separate task (T5784).

Live Events

The calendar is now fixed as mentioned in T5740 thanks to @aacid

I fixed the broken links and added some upcoming events on the Community Wiki.

Outreach to press, partners, distributions...

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Regular updates from developers are a really cool thing. We had the commit digest for a long time, but unfortunately their maintainers didn't have the time to continue it. https://commit-digest.org/issues/latest/ for examples. This process was mostly automated, but did require some person-time weekly to polish up and pick interesting code changes. This can partly be crowd-sourced to developers perhaps

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For a start we can publish Minutes from Monday Plasma Meetings like this one https://mail.kde.org/pipermail/plasma-devel/2017-April/069691.html

In T5741#90557, @Lucas wrote:

For a start we can publish Minutes from Monday Plasma Meetings like this one https://mail.kde.org/pipermail/plasma-devel/2017-April/069691.html

I like this idea a lot. Maybe we can start doing this from tomorrow (if there is going to be a meeting) - it's the beginning of a new month, so it won't look "weird" as it might if we started doing this out of nowhere, in the middle of a week.

@Lucas do you think it's better to ask the developers to write a report and just have one of us edit it, or would it be better if someone from the promo/Dot editors team wrote it?

Outreach to press, partners, distributions...

There is also an existing effort through the Distro Outreach Program, but it never really caught on as a tool of communication on things other than packaging.

I had tried in the past to gather information regarding contact persons through this initiative, but without much success. Unfortunately other priorities stopped me from further trying, but now it is a great opportunity to complete this task. Contacting distros from an official KDE account/position, explaining the reasoning and asking them to fill in their credentials would probably increase the chances of getting updated information.

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@skadinna The info is there, in the report emails from the meeting. I think with just a bit of editing this could be made an interesting piece. That editing would have to be done by someone from the promo team though.

Based on the idea, suggestions:

  • Weekly Article "This week in Plasma" or some more exciting title
  • Pick a few interesting items from the report (technically interesting if the editor understands it, easy to present visually in an appealing way, cool feature, annoying bug fixed, ...)
  • The trick is probably to make the editing proces as easy as possible, perhaps have people do the editing in terms as to not wear the single editor out after a few weeks, and to have some fallback for vacations, etc.

I really like the idea, and I think it could have a nice impact.

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Thanks for adding me to all these tasks, skadinna!


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Thanks for adding me to all these tasks, skadinna!


Sorry, I'm not sure I understand...? I didn't add anyone; I didn't even create this particular task. Anyone who's interested can freely subscribe to any task they like... The exception, I think, is when you mention someone in a comment or task description. Then they get automatically subscribed.

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Thanks for adding me to all these tasks, skadinna!

Valorie, you are a watcher for the KDE Promo project, so you receive all the notifications. You don't subscribe to specific tasks until you comment or, well, explicitly subscribe :)

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@skadinna Would this be done, since we covered a lot of this during the sprint? Shall we move it to "review"?

Most of the issues have been addressed, although there still seem to be some loose ends. We can go over them while the task is in "Review", yes.

I'd say the "analyze" part is done; now we need to move on to the tasks created from that analysis.

Ok. Im moving it back to "doing" then while we sort them out.