Branding Improvements and Assessment
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In parallel with the activities from T5741, analyze how the brand is currently positioned and perceived.
Suggest and execute improvements to branding materials (preferably in collaboration with design and web teams).
Implement long-term branding strategies as part of T5781.

skadinna created this task.Apr 8 2017, 11:17 PM

Branding resources and tasks are here:

Vision Statement
"A world in which everyone has control over their digital life and enjoys freedom and privacy."
Defined in more detail here:

Mission Statement
Draft here:

  • Is this still unfinished?

Press kit and other branding materials

  • Does this need updating? Go through all the materials and check.
lydia added a subscriber: lydia.Apr 9 2017, 4:41 PM

Mission is still in need of work - so yes it is unfinished.

The press kit and marketing material pages very likely need updating.

As for press kit/print material - the second we have a clear branding and communication guidelines that is comparatively easy. Designing something from scratch when the only barrier is "Oh a flyer" is very very tricky, doing graphics/layouts/copy for a flyer where there exists a clear guidance to what the communication actually is, is simple by comparison.

This can't be overstated: clear branding and communication guidelines is traditionally done before presskits and print material for very very good reasons.

But that said there are several flyers, print stuff, stickers, socialmedia emoji etc etc flying around the place. A collected effort to get them all gathered up in one area would be good - there is also the "new" flat K-logo (thats used instead of the old bevelled oxygen one)

paulb added a comment.Apr 11 2017, 9:22 AM

@jensreuterberg: agreed. Having a clear guidelines and a consistent corporate identity is a priority for us. That said, if before we get round to finishing it, we have to send stuff out because of pressing deadlines (Akademy 2017 comes to mind), well, we will just have to wing it. Gradually things will get better.

This page also needs updating. Most of the content seems to be severely outdated:

Finally, a big update on this: we have a new version of the press kit available for download on the official KDE website -

We can keep modifying this as we think of new ideas and content. For that, we can open separate tasks. I will close this one and open smaller, more focused tasks for further branding improvements.

Hope that's OK. :)

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