Global Shortcuts
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See T8434 for some ideas regarding better usability, which is currently problematic in both the current design as well as the mockup above.

In particular, I'm referring to the tree view idea, i.e. dropping the separate list on the side. Interestingly, that would be similar to KDE3's KControl shortcuts module.

sharvey added a subscriber: sharvey.Apr 5 2018, 4:32 PM

I started rewriting the KCM because I was annoyed at the inconsistency of the list representation (even though I fixed that in the meantime). I am going for the backend model in C++ with a Qml frontend approach.
What works:

  • Displaying the components, actions and shortcuts
  • Global filtering: Hiding of components that don't match the entered query and don't have actions or shortcuts that do either

To Do:

  • Setting shortcuts
  • the whole scheme thing
  • Performance: My hacked together qml seems to do be a bit slow sometimes (but maybe only because of debugging or having gammaray attached?)
GB_2 added a subscriber: GB_2.Sun, Nov 17, 5:02 PM

Also, I think the search should look through all components/categories instead of you having to manually find the correct component/category.