Add a "Session Switcher" via Ctrl + Tab
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Authored by tcanabrava on Jan 10 2019, 1:07 PM.


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Press Ctrl + Tab and a session switcher will appear showing every
tab that you have, you can navigate with buttons, close via
focus out, esq key or selecting an index.

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What you think about change the previous context hotkey to shift instead of meta. Some well known software like browsers use this shortcut and I think it will be more natural and intuitive.

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What about merging this with the lastUsedView feature ?
Pressing Ctrl-Tab would open show the switcher ordered according to tabHistory. The tabs would be switched "live" while iterating through the list. The switcher would close when releasing the Ctrl key.
What do you think ?

I like the idea. I'll send a followup review with that.

Actually, I belive that if I do this change, it will conflict with our
other branch. *maybe* this should stay as is for now, untill we merge
the splits rewrite.

Agreed, the code around the lastUsedView has changed quite a bit in the terminatorStyleTabs branch, let's not duplicate the work. Except if terminatorStyleTabs is not ready for 19.04 ...

Yeah, +1 for focusing on one big change at a time for sanity. :)

I thought this had to wait until the split tabs code went in - if not I can review now

No; both are unrelated

Em qua, 30 de jan de 2019 às 14:30, Kurt Hindenburg <> escreveu:

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I thought this had to wait until the split tabs code went in - if not I
can review now

R319 Konsole


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maximilianocuria, hindenburg

A quick look running and I'm not a big fan: 1) It doesn't handle split views (assume that after the split tab changes go in, this could be fix), 2) if only tab, don't show anything, 3) releasing the Ctrl+Tab should close popup and go to selected 4) I'm tempted to have a way to turn off the popup.

Since other people seem to like it, let me use/review it more.

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You should place real copyright owner(s) here

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  1. I'm tempted to have a way to turn off the popup.

"last used view" (or "next/prev tab"?) does the same thing without popup. Or have I missed something?


Can you change this to be the shortcut from lastUsedViewAction + Shift?


I think Alt instead of Meta should be used - KDE applications do not usually use Meta for non-global things (AFAIR).
@lucasew: Shift works as reverse modifier in features like this, so I would expect it to show session switcher in backward mode.

how that the splits are merged, I'm preparing a round of patches that where rotting in my pc.

tcanabrava updated this revision to Diff 55035.Mar 29 2019, 3:07 PM
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  • Handle list with the shortcut selected
  • Mostly working
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This is mostly working, but I will not merge this untill we fix the current state of the shortcuts (that I'm preparing in a separate patch).
after the shortcuts are correct, there will be a follow up patch here to use the switcher style *or* the next-prev-tab style (as we have today) selectable by the user, defaulting to the current behavior.