Display "No Borders" by default

Authored by davidedmundson on Jun 2 2018, 1:36 AM.


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Turns off visible window borders by default, as discussed exhaustively in T8707: Window borders. I would prefer not to rehash the discussion that we had there, if possible.

BUG: 315400
Fixed-IN: 5.14

Closes T8707

Test Plan
  • Window borders are off by default with a new user account
  • The Border Size Combobox in KWin's Window Decorations KCM has the correct value in it and still works to change the value
  • Resetting KWin Window Decoration settings to default values results in "No Borders" being used

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That variable name is misleading. Especially on line 224.

Renaming as border size default might be better

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Don't use re-use the existing variable name, because it becomes misleading

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As indicated in the discussion on the task I'm against this change.

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As indicated in the discussion on the task I'm against this change.

As also indicated in the task, I too am against this change, but the reasons I put forward were essentially ignored (leading to me not following the task any more).
Feel free to push without my ascent, and if this is a problem, remove me as a reviewer.



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Nate, if something is currently under clearly active discussion being pushy will not help drive things forwards. This was extremely tactless.

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My sincere apologies to all involved. I had misread the situation in T8707. I have a bad tendency to argue and push rather than stop and listen when I feel resistance, and I will work much harder to keep that in check. Sorry for the mess. :(