Clean up Bugzilla products and components
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Let's clean up products and components in Bugzilla.

@sitter started a good discussion and list of issues on kde-community. We can start with that and build an organization structure and naming standard from it.

I'd also like to see categories for enter_bug.cgi and describecomponents.cgi as Mozilla has. For that, we should probably wait until Bugzilla Harmony lands. I've reached out to Dylan Hardison who is in charge of that, to see how things are going with that project.

List of Issues:

Action List:
The following will be brought forth as discussion points and recommendations for the community mailing lists, this task is not designed to be the sole decider on all of these.

  • Decide on product naming standard
  • Decide on capitalization standard
  • Decide on product/component relationship standard
  • Determine products/components that can be merged
  • Decide on categorization of products for the upcoming UI improvements (Frameworks vs. KDE Applications vs. Games, etc.)
  • Write up better product descriptions for all products
  • Write up better component descriptions for all products

Potential Blockers:
@davidedmundson mentioned in the kde-community email thread the following:

For existing stuff there's a problem that bugzilla names are hardcoded into apps.

There's kdepackages.h in frameworks that provides a list of all products so that help->report bug works and there's data that drkonqi uses. All done by string not product ID.

Renaming any referenced here is we can't do.

Which @bcooksley followed up with:

While Dr Konqi goes via a different route, if it's only the destination of Help -> Report Bug we want to change then that is fully doable if memory serves. We can do that as Help -> Report Bug actually hits a very legacy URL which Bugzilla hasn't supported for a very long time.

The only thing keeping it working are some redirectors on the side. (See for more information)

We'll need to investigate that further, both Help -> Report Bug, and Dr. Konqi, to determine restrictions.

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@sitter, if you have any more issues you've noticed since that kde-community discussion, please post them here and I'll make sure they get addressed (eventually).

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Can you provide some detail on the sorts of things you're looking to do with wizard.cgi?

In regards to Dr Konqi, it uses the REST API directly so amending it is more difficult. Anywhere those names are used will probably have to stay as it is - but this will mainly affect applications, as libraries don't receive bug reports directly via Dr Konqi to my knowledge.

The long term solution here is probably to have Dr Konqi send the application name and other details to a dedicated endpoint on the server side and have the server tell it what product/component/version to file it under (or if it shouldn't be filing as it's unsupported)

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Like I noted in that particular email thread, absolute consistency isn't doable: for something like calligra we need several products, and each product needs its own component.

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