Improve Dolphin's tag support
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Tags could be an awesome feature, but currently it is too hidden to be useful.

To enable workflows based on tags we could:

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Hi, I actively use tags and want to implement "Expose tag support in the save dialog" task. I lack this feature.

I have a question.

When the user wants to save a file, applications call KFileWidget from KIO, which is some analogue of QFileDialog. Both of these widgets can show the save dialog and return a file name selected by the user but they don't save anything themselves. The file will be written to disk by the calling application. Once the user has selected a tag in the save dialog, applications should set the tag after the file has been successfully saved to disk. Therefore, applications should make support for tags as well. Are my reasoning correct?

Yes, the save dialog just returns a QUrl of the file location that should be saved. So the actual tagging would either need to be done by the calling app, or by a helper process that watches for the creation of the new file at that path.

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