Gathering feedback from newcomers on the current onboarding experience
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We all more or less have ideas on what can be improved and how, based on our own experiences as newcomers or as experienced contributors to KDE. However it would be vital for the effectiveness of our efforts if they were aligned to what newcomers report as areas that KDE is lacking.

This can be done via short interviews, questionnaires or surveys. The aim is to gather feedback on the onboarding experience, identify positive or negative commonalities, distinguish difficulties and suggest possible solutions.

Things to consider:

  • How we can identify newcomers
  • What would we like to know about the onboarding process
  • What information on newcomers is useful to gather
  • What questions to ask


  • What made you step and and decide to contribute to KDE?
  • What was your point of entry to KDE?
  • In what area are you contributing to (development, translation, documentation etc.)?
  • How did you decide where to contribute?
  • What steps did you follow to get involved?
  • What did you enjoy most in the process of joining KDE?
  • What where the difficulties you came across?
  • Do you still face any issues today in regards to contributing more?
  • What do you believe would help in making the getting involved process easier?
    • what did we not do and should do
    • what did we do but we could improve
    • what did we do and should not be doing

Feel free to edit this and add your own questions and suggestions to the task, or leave a comment below!

If you are reading this and are a newcomer to KDE, we would appreciate it if you:

  • left your name here so we can reach out to you.
  • left a comment below, responding to the above questions.