Tweak Breeze and Breeze Dark color schemes
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We've been discussing changes to our color schemes for some time now in VDG.

One issue we mostly seem to agree on is that Breeze Dark should become darker. (Example: D24009)

Although it's not a color scheme issue per se, another request that has been made is to use dark separators with Breeze Dark. We should decide if we want to go through with this and if the answer is yes, see if it should be implemented as a default, programmatically or as an option.

The Breeze color scheme on the other hand probably only needs a little bit of touching up. My suggestion is to make it a notch lighter.

Methodology-wise we could approach this task by generating new color palettes and then simply using what we have there for our color schemes. @ndavis and @cblack were looking into that. We could also make changes to the color schemes directly, but either way we probably need to add new colors to the HIG.

So to recap in mini-task form:

  • Decide on the colors we want to use in the color schemes (the main question is how dark do want Breeze Dark to be)
  • Decide on what to re: dark vs. light separators in Breeze Dark
  • If we're going to be using new colors, add them to the HIG
  • Patch the color schemes


Differential Revisions
D24009: RFC: Make Breeze Dark darker
filipf created this task.Feb 24 2020, 9:01 PM
filipf triaged this task as Normal priority.

With regards to the default Breeze color scheme, I agree that it doesn't need much. To support the "Tools area" idea, we would need to lighten the titlebar color to a light-medium gray, since this would become the background color for the entire tools area. What we do with other colors is something I'm happy leaving up to you guys.

ndavis added a comment.EditedFeb 25 2020, 6:43 PM

Just to repost and add a bit from the darker breeze dark diff:

I think these 4 colors could be used for backgrounds in Breeze Dark:

  • #1b1e20 (HSL Lightness: 12%)
    • View Background
  • #232629 (HSL Lightness: 15%)
    • Alt View Background (alt row/sidebar color)
    • Alt Button Background (sunken color)
  • #2a2e32 (HSL Lightness: 18%)
    • Window Background
    • Alt Tooltip Background
      • Maybe useful in detailed popups like in Kate/KDevelop?
  • #31363b (HSL Lightness: 21%)
    • Button Background
    • Tooltip Background
    • Titlebar/Toolbar Background

Possible extra in case it's needed: #373d43 (HSL Lightness: 24%)