Improve the color of the default theme on Kubuntu
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Hello to all. It is the first time I write here and try to propose something, so if I have done something wrong, please let me know and I apologize in advance.
In recent versions of Kubuntu, the color of the panel theme has changed to too light black, it would be nice to have a darker / shiny black, as it is on Ubuntu's gnome shell panel, it looks more elegant. Thank you.
The black panel of Kubuntu:

The black panel of gnome shell on Ubuntu:

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Hi, and thank you for contributing. It is appreciated. :)

1st thing I would say is that very deliberately, the Kubuntu theme is actually just Breeze Dark with a tweak for the panel layout and the kickoff icon. The rest we inherit from the breeze-dark theme on the system without any changes.

This (a) has the benefit of always following the upstream changes to the breeze-dak theme as they are applied, and (b) and minimal maintenance overhead from us.

So, changing the default panel background mean we would have to add a Kubuntu specific change that we would have to update and maintain over time, which I am not convinced there is a great benefit here. There are many great new theme in should people wish to customise.

Thanks for taking the time to answer me.
In fact, the change isn't worth the extra maintenance, because it's a slight improvement.
Maybe the change could be made upstream on breeze-dark?

Where are the background color settings for the Kubuntu panel only?

The effect is this, a small modification is enough. It has a higher contrast and to me personally it looks more elegant / beautiful.
What do you think?

Taken from the yaru theme of Ubuntu and Windows 10. Both have the black panel/dock.