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Discourse is a lovely new forum/mailing list software which is proving popular elsewhere.

At Akademy 2019 it was said that it would be good to set it up for KDE to move over and, when projects are ready, mailman lists.

We had some queries which I sent to the devs and which are answered here

I set up a testing instance here which works fine
but it still needs some of the plugins and settings discussed in the post above to be decided.

List of issues we had before Akademy here

I suspect identity will be the blocker for now.

I'm happy to do the setup if given access to machines to do it on.

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(in lieu of a new oauth-enabled identity, if someone shows me code how to use current identity ldap shebang and/or give me some info needed for that I can try to throw together an auth plugin ... not quite sure how to test that reliably without access to anything though?)

Did anyone test the mail interface yet? That would be very useful to reduce friction: in openSUSE, the - proprietary - forum used has a mail interface and this allows people to ask for and offer support according to their medium of choice.

Yeah, we used Jonathan's test instance basically like a mailing list. It works very well.

Discussed issues with upstream who seem responsive and happy to help with them

+1 on the general idea.

Thanks for confirming Upstream seemed responsive.

Given that the categorisation/grouping issue was the biggest hard showstopper, do we know how easy that one is for them to resolve?
(Without that being resolved or a solution promised in a given timeframe, we really cannot proceed as we won't be able to roll this out at all)

Some Krita contributors (@kamathraghavendra) are hosting their own discourse instance at now. I think it would be interesting to see how well it work for their needs (less help request on irc, better user to user support, better community engagement, ...) .