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With the year KDE got a lot of websites, some of then are not updated anymore or not used anymore.

Already killed

Can be killed now

Need information to be moved to the wiki first

Need to contact author

  • => last update was kde 4.4rc2

Should we move also move the deleted websites repositories to another websites in invent, for Example

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Necessitas is not Phonon, I don't think that redirect is correct.

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@nalvarez wrong copy paste ;)

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Those four have now been eliminated.

Going to remove Sysadmin from this task for now as there isn't anything for us to action until the information transfer from those four sites has been completed.
When it's time to remove them please re-add Sysadmin as a project and we'll sort it out.

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For I guess it's ok to remove it and redirect it to the goals landing page.

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What about ? Some recently linked to it on Reddit, but it's an outdated copy of

That isn't even controlled by us unfortunately.

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It's time to remove and redirect to

The phonon webpage redirection doesn't work.

I've now converted into a redirect and have corrected the Phonon page redirection.

Looking through the list of subdomains being redirected and how old they are, we should consider whether some of these should be shutdown entirely at some point as they'll simply no longer be in use anywhere.

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I think we should redirect


There is really close to no content on the old page and most of it is wrong anyways ;=)

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ognarb updated the task description. (Show Details)Sep 29 2019, 9:58 AM should die as well

I created a sysadmin request T12050 ;)

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