Port from KSslError to QSslError
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This is related to the KTcpSocket removal. There are however a few users of this independent of KTcpSocket, such as ktp-auth-handler, and the KIO certificate manager and SSL error UI.

This might require making KSslError a thin wrapper around QSslError as a transition step during KF5 time without breaking API, so we can port the users already.

vkrause created this task.Sep 11 2019, 9:18 AM

Both QSslError and KSslError have their own human readable error messages:

The Qt ones look a lot more comprehensive than ours, the KDE ones might have better translation coverage. How to proceed here:

  1. Drop ours and use the Qt ones
  2. Add the missing ones from Qt in KIO
  3. Keep the current state by only having error messages for a subset

Code-wise the first option looks best, but I have no idea how big the impact on translations would be.

@aacid @ltoscano @dfaure Opinions on this?

aacid added a comment.Sep 13 2019, 8:18 AM

The impact is relatively big

tsdgeos@yoga:~:$ pacman -Ql kio | grep kio5.mo | wc -l
tsdgeos@yoga:~:$ pacman -Ql qt5-translations | grep qtbase | wc -l

Mostly because translating qt is kind of hard mode translation/community work.

But on the other hand Qt *needs* to be translated since we use it for OK/Cancel of [some] dialogs so i *think* it would be OK to remove them and then we need to remind translators that Qt is our foundation and it probably needs to be translated too.

@ltoscano what's your take?

Sorry, I missed it. I'd say that if we fail to remind translators that we need to translated Qt, we have much bigger issues than a bunch of SSL *error* messages.

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