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At the Krita 2019 sprint, we discussed having a team page listing out each member. This page would have a section for each person, showing the following sections:

  • Photo of person
  • Name and what they do
  • country where they are from
  • a little bit about what they do or who they are

The idea is that the website would see less corporate if we show real people's names instead of just showing text talking about people.

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I've started a team page, based on what we already had. I'll ask on the mailing list for additions and mini-bio's. We can either cut out heads from the team photo to go with the sections, or look at what Dmitry and Agata have.

From the photos that Dmitry and Ivan shared with me, I can see the headshots of, Ivan, David, Wolthera, Me, Jouni, Emmet, Eoin, Alberto, Scott, Agata, Tusooa, Boud, and Dmitry.

Missing: Anna, Irina, Sharaf, Timothee, Raghavendra, and Karl.

@hellozee I believe there is one photo of raghu, but not as a profile photo, more like a candid one in my collection.

Photos taken during Sprint

I have my photo and bio here:

The photo is taken in open air museum. -)

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