Behind the Krita project is real people. Artists and programmers from around the world have came together to make Krita what it is today.
Boudewijn Rempt

Boudewijn, Boud on IRC, has been the Krita project maintainer since 2004. He manages the project, does coding, triages bugs and helps users. He works full-time on Krita, sponsored by the income from the Windows Store. When not hacking on Krita, he paints and sculpts.

Dmitry Kazakov
Lead Developer

Chief Bug Wrangler

Ivan Yossi
Bug Wrangler

Wolthera van Hövell tot Westerflier
Manual Maintainer

Scott Petrovic
UX designer, Webmaster

Anna Medonosova

Irina Rempt
Artist Interviews and Website Editor

Tusooa Zhu
Developer and Summer of Code Student

Kuntal Majumder
Developer and Summer of Code Student

Sharaf Zaman
Developer and Summer of Code Student

Alberto Eleuterio Flores Guerrero
Developer and Summer of Code Student

David Revoy
Resident Artist and Brush Bundle Maintainer

Timothee Giet
Resident Artist and Icon Set Maintainer

Raghavendra Kamath
Resident Artist

Emmet O'Neill
Developer and Krita on Steam Maintainer

Eoin O'Neill

Jouni Pentikäinen

Karl Ove Hufthammer