Systematic KCM reorganisation: Workspace section
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This task tracks the current discussion and plan for re-organizing the Workspace section.

ngraham created this task.Aug 1 2019, 8:36 PM
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Now that krunner calls System Settings directly, I think it'd make sense to move webshortcuts from shortcuts to search group.
Despite the name, I find that it doesn't fit very well with the keyboard shortcuts, being more a "search providers" thing than the usual meaning a "shortcut" has in desktop SW.

After that, the settings button in webshortcuts's runner could be modified to go to the syse section, instead of launching an external kcm.

Moreover, with the amazing shortcut revamp @davidre is doing (, we might have soon a first level 'Shortcuts' KCM



Absolutely agree.

In fact, I wonder if we even need to expose this as a KCM in the main list at all. It's accessible by clicking on the config button in the web shortcuts entry in the KRunner KCM, which is in practice the only place people will interact with it anyway.


Is Krunner the only place where it works or are there other places?

It's the only place that I know of, but knowing KDE, there's some obscure ill-used thing where it's critical functionality lol

If I recall/guess correctly this comes originally from konqueror, so it is probably used there too.
And that might be also why this kcm is still in kio repository, which surprised me a lot.

Anyway I'd be more inclined to have a separate kcm on system settings than a dialog for easier access (this might just me longing hating dialogs within dialogs)