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I took my original wireframes and made a few changes based off suggestions

woltherav added a task: Restricted Maniphest Task.Apr 18 2015, 11:04 AM

Timeline proposal looks good, but onionskin miss important thing:
We need to have several keyframes available before and after (like 10 on each side) each with its own opacity slider.
So we need a kind of row of sliders for that.

That is very important ;)

ps: and with it a way to edit opacity on several sliders at the same time, like dragging across all sliders to set their values.

tim: you are mentioning a lot of UI controls. I imagine you are referring to adding functionality like TVPaint is doing...

I am thinking something like this can go in the onion skin properties. I can see what I can do

Yes, something like this.
It has to be accessible in a docker and fast to use to can adjust those very often on the fly.

Bollebib added a comment.EditedApr 21 2015, 11:52 AM

this looks good

I do hope easy frame handling on the grid is being carefully thought out. Drag and drop, extending,deleting,it should be very versatile and quick.

That's why I have a concern with the add keyframe button on the layer line. I feel it should not be there,in my opinion. Adding a keyframe should just be

  1. Select a frame
  2. paint

no button needed.

That space should be reserved for other things. And I would make the case that at the least Inheret alpha layer should be included next to lock and visibility. Even alpha lock can be a very handy managment feature. Not including them will lead to frustration when you have used one of these 2 ,and you need to look at the layer box instead of the timeline.

I also for now see only 'range selection'

will it be possible to have 'selective selection' on the grid ,to move around or manipulate?

(like CTRL+select instead of SHIFT+select)

new mockup attached. I added the litghtbox type of behavior for the onion skin properties. It sounds like that needs to be a docker (it is a big wide though).

Based off conversation with Bollebib - the auto-keyframing aspect should always be in place. To accomplish this, the button on the play controls was remved, as well as removing the + icon by each layer. Painting on an empty layer will automatically create a keyframe at that point.

I also added the different layer properties to each layer (alpha lock, inherit alpha).

For the overall timeline design, there was some question on the direction TVPaint used. Having the overall functionality more like ToonBoom Harmony seemed to be the better conceptual model to follow (conversation over IRC with Bollebib and sketchstick).

We need to think more about how frames will repeat, hold.

Just attach a spine screenshot

Hint: add a button to hide extra layer properties icons in the timeline

Here is a draft Timeline GUI implementation

You can download sources of a small testing app here:

dkazakov changed the visibility from "All Users" to "Public (No Login Required)".Nov 19 2015, 5:59 PM

Hi. I wrote some suggestions for your consideration in an Abyss task: T6122
I was told most of those suggestions have already been discussed. Other suggestions include being able to quickly change the Start and End frames by dragging brackets on the timeline, and also being able to change the past and future onion skin length by dragging other brackets.

Here's mockup of a Timeline docker with playback controls at the bottom, like in a toolbar.
This should give the timeline more horizontal screen estate (you wouldn't need the Animation docker anymore, the Timeline docker alone would have everything you need).

With description:

As inspired by Adobe Flash's timeline panel:

Additionally, if you have the layer stack view of the Timeline docker being as complete as possible, users will be able to afford to hide the Layers docker as well and save the extra screen space, since all the layer management could be done directly from the Timeline docker like layer creating, reordering, grouping etc.

I would not be against putting the animation docker buttons on the timeline but the space it takes would need to be very minimal. And maybe we should even have the possibilitie to hide it to reclaim horizontal screen estate.

Complete Layerstack view is something I asked for too,but for now it will not happen. I to would prefer it to be complete,but for now we cant have it...yet.