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This came up as I was starting to look at some docker icons and how to make them more readable.

Right now on our UI, we have a mix of buttons and styles and ways to show things. This is a bit sloppy in terms of UI and we should probably have a more consistent pattern throughout the application.

I am putting out one idea and attached a mockup. The majority of our icons in the application have a "flat" appearance already, so I am just going down that path and trying to make more of our UI components use that as the pattern.

Types of things that we can discuss:

  1. Any readability improvement ideas
  2. Any other ideas about improving the UI to make the application easier to "read" visually
  3. Any other consistency issues that are not brought up here
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I think the flat buttons usually are QToolButtons and the raised ones QPushButton. A flat style makes everything more uniform, but I'm not sure what technically the best way to achieve that is. Some applications, like Natron ship with their own widget style, others with a uniform CSS style sheet for widget styling.

It is uniform. style is indifferent. parametric understanding is scalable. use the base standard and make something out of it. preferably useful for all.

I mean it is perfect, paint me a picture, thank you!
Simple stupid wins. I fly by the seat of the palette....
customization paints to the picture.

The AutoNoteook always ruins the workflow..
,but the more tools, the better tooling, they say...

@Metallicow: I am not sure I understand what you are trying to say. It doesn't seem to make sense.

@rempt I mean the opening 'canvas' is the perfect size to paint on within this window.(us as we) ... errrm I mean learn with.
I hope you understand...

Some of the folks don't understand parametrics and scaling yet... that is ok.

When I paint over the edge, some folks expect me too. Making me do that in reality in a paint app, kicks ps ass if you can do it live.
Just paint on/ver the screen "mode". It's like 3d painting. It is not a mesh it is a curve.

I think the ui layout is fine by the way. Im just daydreaming about stuff i do elsywre. Tho a command box "at the bottom" might interest the kat folks or KDE linux folks.