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There have been different forum posts and questions coming up with ways to organize and customize the toolbox. People often times talk in solutions without actually stating their problem, but I think these are the two situations people want to improve:

  1. The toolbox take too much space on smaller screen sizes which robs people of more working room. Some tablets even have less space because people use bigger buttons to allow for touching (like the Surface Pro and its 10.1 inch size).
  2. Some people only want to see the few tools that they use instead of having to look through all of them
  3. Are there any other reasons why people want to change the toolbox?

Some Suggested solutions
Some things people have suggested from IRC, forums, and bugzilla (https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=396226) that could help with this situation.

  • Option to show/hide each tool (shown in wireframe)
  • Potentially condensing some tools so there are less of them
  • grouping options to put multiple tools in one area like other applications
  • Do nothing. Are we getting enough complaints and people wanting this to even bother? If it is a small minority, might not be worth the time
  • any other solutions to these problems?
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RE point 1: The toolbox's minimum size should be one tool button wide, does it mean some people want to reduce its size to smaller than one tool button? Or is it that they somehow want all the (perhaps only often used) tool buttons to be visible at once? Or that they want to hide the toolbox and make it a pop-up when pressing on a toolbar button, like the brush editor and etc.?

@alvinhochun I'm guessing it's because some people want to see all of the tools at once.

Haha, I'm only one who would want to see unrelated tools disappeared from my toolbox. lol
I think we should group these checkboxes by their functions, you know, just like what we are doing in the Toolbox right now.

I could find this useful in certain situations. For example if my workspace perspective is themed for doing certain things....
Im my application, I have it on a TODO list. It isnt high priority for me. In wxPy AUI when the tools run off the screen there is a dropdown button that appears, so yea it seems to be a bit of extra work for little reward. Just my opinion tho. I do like customization.