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alex-l, Jun 13 2018

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Just an idea about extending the old tabs by KWin with some features by Windows 10 Sets and more

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Related to ?
Oxygen had something like this. Breeze does not (yet)...

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Think about top bar beeing a panel, so tabs can be set icon-only, other widgets can be added (clock, global menu, else).

How would it work with web browsers? Tabs within tabs? Also, I think it would be a great idea to make the default keyboard shortcuts for switching between tabs Super + tab and Super + shift + tab and leave Alt + Tab and Alt + Shift + Tab for switching between windows.

@oussemabouaneni it's writter in the very first image: the browser (and other apps with tabs) should hide their tab bar. Managing shortcuts in a meaningful way shouldn't be a problem. The challenge would be integrating existing browsers like Firefox and not only the KDE one, Falkon.

@scherek except for the icon-only tabs (that I don't think would work), do you mean something like this?

@alex-l I think he means like pinning tabs in web browsers.

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