Add basic KAuth support to file ioslave
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Authored by chinmoyr on Mon, Jun 12, 4:18 PM.


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This patch adds the relevant KAuth code to file ioslave that can be used to perform various file management operations with escalated privilege.
execWithRoot() : This method performs the specified operation as root
warningMessage(): Decides upon the warning message. As of yet it only has warning for the delete operation.
showWarning(): Shows the warning.

meta-data "UnitTesting" will be used in unit test for this code.

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use D6199 to test the changes

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If I don't enter the authentication password, after ~20 seconds I get the "Access denied to <PATH>" error. Is this some timeout in the ioslave?


Can't this go in file_unix.cpp, without ifdefs?


Prefer QLatin1String if you want to concatenate. Or you could use QStringLiteral("org.kde.kio.file.%1").arg(action).


I didn't get this messagebox after deleting something when I was already authenticated. What did I do wrong?


endProvidiledgeOperation() is more descriptive, no?

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Why is there an ifdef anyway? KAuth has at least a mac backend (no idea how much it works) but adding an ifdef at this level seems the wrong thing to do.

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I find execWithRoot() to be a bit misleading, as the goal shouldn't be to always elevate to root's privileges but to only what's required to execute the specific operation (e.g. browse /home/someotheruser doesn't need root's privileges but only someotheruser's privileges).

Always elevating to root is IMHO by far too permissive.

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This method will be used by FileProtocol::mkdir and FileProtocol::chmod which are not virtual method. So when called in windows this must return false for the time being. So IMO ifdef or something similar is necessary. What do you suggest?


I agree with you on the part that execWithRoot() is slightly misleading. So I changed it to execWithElevatedPrivilege(). And acquiring somotheruser's privileges still requires elevated privilege does it not?

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Well, just use KAuth, since there's no backend in windows it will return false, why do you need an ifdef?

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Removed the ifdef. Moved the execWithElevatedPrivilege() method to file_unix.cpp .

Looks good to me now, just minor issues.


Missing i18n() here


Use ButtonCode::Cancel rather than hardcoding 2

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QStringLiteral -> i18n