Support passing generic QIcon through PlasmaWindow interface

Authored by graesslin on Oct 13 2016, 11:57 AM.



Especially for Xwayland windows the compositor might not have a themed
icon name. Resulting in a task manager not having dedicated icons for
Xwayland windows.

This change deprecates the way how a compositor is supposed to set the
window icon. Instead of passing the themed icon name, it is now supposed to
pass the QIcon. In case it's a themed icon the existing way to pass to
the client is used.

Otherwise a new event is used to inform the client that there is an icon

  • no data is transmitted at this point. The client can then create a

file descriptor and pass it to the compositor. The compositor serializes
the icon into the file descriptor and the client can read from it. This
all happens transparently on client side there is no api change at all.

The writing and reading of the icon is done in a thread. Due to that
Qt5::Concurrent is now a required dependency instead of an optional

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roberts added inline comments.

EAGAIN comes from reads of O_NONBLOCK fd's, but this seems to be a blocking pipe (no calls to fcntl() or pipe2()).

As such the read call could block the thread for significant or unbounded time - depending on whether QT_READ swallows EINTR - if the other side of the pipe failed to close the fd.


pipeFd could leak here.


Is there anything protecting this from being unsynchronised parallel access to m_icon (and p)?

Simplest solution might be passing the icon by value into the lambda.

graesslin added inline comments.Oct 14 2016, 8:36 AM

I assumed that reading from the icon is thread save. But you are right: better save than sorry. Especially accessing the p pointer could be dangerous as the PlasmaWindowInterface instance might get deleted.

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  • Pass icon as argument to the runnable
  • use pipe2
  • close pipefd in error handling branch
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Looks good to me now.

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maybe worth adding a if (m_icon == icon) return;

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in theory yes, in practice: operator== doesn't exist for QIcon so all you get is a compile error :-(

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Told you, I had problems compiling at first. Works now for unknown reason and icons are displayed together with D3050.


What about comparing QIcon::cacheKey() values?

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