Add advanced debugging to KIso

Authored by gengisdave on Aug 27 2016, 11:42 AM.



As in Krarc, we write the execution trace to a file. This is exactly the porting of KrDebugLogger made by @asensi (this means something can refer yet to krarc).

Test Plan

Builds fine, the file /tmp/kisodebug contains the same-style trace as in krdebug.

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Great, thanks!

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This patch can be applied on master; is this helpful, or the rework on VFS will make it obsolete?

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vfs_rework does not touch iso or krarc itself. But opening iso files with relative symlinks in path works just fine for me - in master and vfs_rework(!?).

However I cannot find a setting to browse iso files with the iso:// protocol by just a double-click. Only context-menu->"Browse Archive" works.

What distro do you have? I'll dive into KIO to see where the problem is.

abika added a comment.Nov 20 2016, 6:46 PM

What distro do you have? I'll dive into KIO to see where the problem is.

Arch, but I don't think this matters. It works in Dolphin but in Krusader double-clicking an ISO opens Ark.

Yes, kiso is missing the option we added to krarc (see!topic/krusader-devel/mN8uyxBj4Wg).

The solution is similar: in ListPanelFunc::openFileNameInternal we must add a method to check if the file could be opened with kiso.

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Patch doesn't apply anymore

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