Make CTags/Projects context menu more accessible
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Authored by gregormi on Sun, Dec 2, 1:43 PM.


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  • CTags: Move the actions out of the submenus to the root level of the context menu
  • Projects: Move the Lookup action to root level of context menu

Both: Remove the code that inserts the text that is about to be searched to the action text.

  1. Those actions are super-useful
  2. Improves the discoverability of the Projects Code Index
  3. It simplifies the code by removing the dynamic item text logic (the user will see what is being searched as soon as the search is started anyway).


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Oh wow, this would be awesome. This is only visible if the CTags plugin is active, right?

With this change, it might make sense to remove the CTags: on the beginning of the labels.


While you're touching this user-facing string, let's fix the grammar for all the places where it's currently wrong, because "lookup" is a noun, not a verb.

Lookup Selected Text -> Look Up Selected Text

sars added a subscriber: sars.Sun, Dec 2, 7:36 PM

What if you have Project, CTags and the new Zeal plugins active? You need to differentiate them somehow.

Optimally for Kate, we would get the go to definition/declaration/back to the project plugin and we would not need the CTags plugin any more. If we at some point would have both plugins with multiple actions, the menu could become quite long.

As it is right now for the project plugin, it is a bit strange to have a sub-menu for one action, but we could get more....

dhaumann added inline comments.

I think you have to increase the version number, otherwise caching of the ui files by KXMLGUI will lead to issues.


Same here: version++

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  • Fix texts and increase versions in .rc files
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