mage global menu screen aware

Authored by mvourlakos on Nov 8 2018, 10:42 PM.



--a new screenGeometry property is added in the
AppMenuModel in order to be used for filtering
windows based on their geometry.

BUG: 384895, 395853

Test Plan

--validate that when moving a window between different screens the global menu applet is updated accordingly
--checkout that nothing has broke because of this new behavior

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R120 Plasma Workspace
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this emit keyword is confusing, you're calling a slot.


why move this?


can we make this

m_screenGeometry.isNull || m_screenGeom.contains(...)

so that a user can not set a screen geometry to get windows on all screens

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this patch depends on that has moved it...
the reason is that m_currentWindowId in current implementation is not
a current window id. it is used only for windows that delay their menu
creation. So I renamed it in patch D16715 to m_delayedMenuWindowId.

The m_currentWindowId needs to be set only for windows that create correctly their menus.
Maybe a better place is to place it with the setMenuHidden(false);


you mean?

setMenuHidden(info.isMinimized() || m_screenGeometry.isNull() || !m_screenGeometry.contains(info.geometry().center()));
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  • remove confusing emit call
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I mean

const bool contained = m_screenGeometry.isNull() || m_screenGeometry.contains(info.geometry().center())

setMenuHidden(info.isMinimized() || !contained)

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  • improve check for window in current screen
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@davidedmundson I cant commit yet because @mart suggested to rename "menuHidden" to "visible" at

what do you think is the best way to proceed?

I would prefer to accept first D16715 and after that I will rebase this one...

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