[xwl] Drag and drop between Xwayland and Wayland native clients
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Authored by romangg on Sep 20 2018, 9:28 PM.


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T4611: Drag and drop from XWayland to Wayland windows and vice versa

Building upon the generic X Selection support this patch establishes another
selection class representing the XDND selection and provides interfaces
to communicate drags originating from Xwayland windows to the Wayland
server KWin and drags originating from Wayland native drags to Xwayland.

For Wayland native drags KWin will claim the XDND selection as owner and
will simply translate all relevant events to the XDND protocol and receive
alike messages by X clients.

When an X client claims the XDND selection KWin is notified via the X protocol
and it decides if it allows the X drag to transcend into the Wayland protocol.
If this is the case the mouse position is tracked and on entering a Wayland
native window a proxy X Window is mapped to the top of the window stack. This
proxy window acts as a drag destination for the drag origin window and again
X messages will be translated into respective Wayland protocol calls. If the
cursor leaves the Wayland window geometry before a drop is registered, the
proxy window is unmapped, what triggers a subsequent drag leave event.

In both directions the necessary core integration is minimal. There is a single
call to be done in the drag and drop event filter through the Xwayland
interface class.

From my tests this patch facilitates drags between any Qt/KDE apps. What needs
extra care are the browsers, which use target formats, that are not directly
compatible with the Wayland protocol's MIME representation. For Chromium an
additional integration step must be done in order to provide it with a net
window stack containing the proxy window.

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