Open `skipPager` functionality
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Authored by sharvey on Jul 31 2018, 5:09 PM.



Open skipPager functionality, same as skipTaskbar
REVIEWER NOTE: Several of the autotests are failing, although the build itself compiles correctly

  • #7: kwayland-testWaylandSeat
  • #23 kwayland-testPlasmaShell
  • #30 kwayland-testSelection
Test Plan
  • Apply patch to KWayland, compile
    • Run make tests to check autotests
    • See if #7, #23, #30 fail

Please help resolve.

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R127 KWayland
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Buildable 1416
Build 1434: arc lint + arc unit
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  • Remove wrongly committed files

Okay, a clean copy. Apologies for the mess. I can do the coding, but the infrastructure is another story...

I don't think you meant to check in a total deletion of the arclint file...

zzag added a subscriber: zzag.Jul 31 2018, 6:26 PM

Please checkout .arclint from master (git checkout master -- .arclint).


Unrelated change.

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  • Whitespace fix & remove .arclint
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Hopefully .arclint is gone for good this time.