Finding a mentor for each newcomer
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I know this sounds audacious, but I can't stress enough the value it has for the new members of our community.

KDE has been mentoring people successfully for years, with great reoccurring examples being Google Summer of Code and Season of KDE.

However, can we make it so that every new contributor can be a candidate for some sort of mentoring if they require it? Or at least try to connect every new member to a more experienced contributor that can offer help when needed. The mentor doesn't have to be one person specifically, newcomers could also be "adopted" by the team they want to join.


  • Can we broaden our scope to include all points of entry in our community?
  • Can we lessen the gap between experienced contributors and newcomers by connecting them in more ways?
  • What can we do to inspire more members of our community to step up and mentor newcomers?
  • How can we further help people that are already mentoring?

Mentoring can be tough and time consuming, and it can also get frustrating if you work with people that after a while completely loose interest or leave. But at the same time it's a great way to meet new people and get the unique satisfaction of sharing knowledge and actively helping in growing the KDE community.

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